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Grenada is of volcanic origin and at 12 degrees north and 61 degrees west of Greenwich is the most southerly of the Windward Islands chain of Islands in the Lesser Antilles. The island of Grenada is 21 x 12 miles at its longest and widest points and is 344 sq. kilometers in overall area.

It was sighted by Christopher Columbus in the year 1498. At the time, the island was inhabited by Carib Indians who were later subdued by French invaders. The island was colonized by both France and Great Britain. After 300 years of colonialism it became an independent state in 1974 obtaining full nationhood from Great Britain. The island remains a member of the British Commonwealth and is a constitutional Monarchy.

Its topography of mountains is gloriously arrayed to picture some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. This tropical island offers nothing but breath taking beauty, with rare tropical flowers and stunning beaches.

It offers plenty in terms of Eco Tourism with cascading waterfalls and winding rivers, lush rainforest, sulphur springs, and some of the most beautiful volcanic crater lakes. It has more spices per square mile, than any other country on the planet and for this reason is known as the Spice Island of the West Indies.

It is said that Grenada’s capital St. George’s, is the most picturesque capital city in the Caribbean with its horse shoe shaped Harbor. The carenage gives you the first glimpse of paradise with its sky line of red tilled roofs, of traditional shops and homes. Grenada’s natural beauty is enhanced by its rich history and cultural heritage. Our largest cultural celebration is “Carnival” which is held in August of every year. Our exotic open air market is still an integral part of life.

Grenada’s Tourism product is diversely decentralized by nature, among which is the world famous Grand Anse Beach and River Antoine, the oldest functioning rum distillery. With fauna and flora that is absolutely beautiful, no venomous creates or reptiles, Grenada is filled with very friendly people, with good food, and exotic restaurants, where you will be thrilled. The warmth of the locals is also extended to accommodation. One can find affordable, budget friendly hotels on trivago to make the tourism experience as enjoyable

There are many things to do, such as “Taking an island tour, snorkeling, hiking, diving, whale watching, fishing, visit to historic forts, or special events such as Carnival, Independence celebrations, Bill fish tournament, Yacht racing, Carriacou Regatta, Maroon Music Festival and much more .